Restoration Services

Mold and Sick Building Syndrome

PCM specializes in water, fire, wind, mold, and sick building syndrome 24-7 Disaster Response.

Certified Mold Remediators #MRC1669
We will work with all parties to get your property back in pristine condition with minimal cost and loss of use!

Protected Catastrophe Management

Proper planning and execution by the professionals of Protected Catastrophe Management can minimize any financial or personal loss experienced from catastrophic damage to commercial or residential buildings.

Protected Catastrophe Management After carefully analyzing the damage done to your property, we will make sound recommendations on how to best proceed with claims and needed repairs.

1. Proper Mitigation

Proper mitigation of your property is the first step after any disaster. We will make sure every step necessary is taken to make sure your property is mitigated to continue on to the next step which is rebuilding.

2. Rebuilding Process

After proper mitigation, we will start the rebuild process bringing your property back to pristine condition.

3. A Fresh Start

The final step is handing you a new set of keys to your newly remodeled home.